Lawyers, barristers, accountants and tax advisors

We are a firm of lawyers and economists focused on providing law and taxation advisory and consultancy services for private individuals, professionals and businesses, whether or not they reside in Spain, who operate in the domestic and/or international markets.


This is one of the fields in which our team is most specialised. Our experience in advising national and foreign individuals, professionals and businesses spans over twenty years, a period of time during which we have worked on thousands of conveyancing operations, advising the different parties involved in regards to the legal, fiscal and urbanistic aspects in each case.

  • Conveyancing, option to buy and leases.
  • Mortgage advice and management.
  • Easements, encumbrances, liens, urban and tax liabilities.
  • Legal action to defend, acquire and/or recover possession and/or ownership: boundary disputes, right to light and right of way, third party claim of ownership, first refusal and pre-emptive rights, claim and eviction, leasehold disputes.
  • Land Registry and Cadastre: first ownership registration, real rights registration, ownership proceedings, boundary corrections and rectification of the registered area of property, legalisation and registration of constructions, resumption of ant interrupted chain of title, horizontal division of the property.
  • Urbanism: planning, development work, property development, expropriation, environment law.

Commercial-Corporate-Business Organization

A highly qualified team with wide experience in this field of law enables us to provide quality services, solutions and strategies for national and international businesses in the area of corporate law regulating businesses from incorporation to their development and business activity stages. We provide specialist services in commercial law which regulates business relations, and also conduct thorough studies and tax planning of corporate and commercial operations.

  • Incorporation, conversion, demerger, dissolution and liquidation of businesses.
  • Merger and Acquisitions.
  • Articles of association and corporate agreements.
  • Succession in a family business.
  • Legal advice, convening, attendance and representation at shareholders’ meetings.
  • Corporate compliance.
  • Shareholders/Partners disputes.
  • Business reorganisation and restructuring, and insolvency proceedings. 
  • Bankruptcy process.
  • National and international contracting, imports and exports.
  • National and international disputes.

Fiscal and tax law accounting advice

Good fiscal and taxation advice today is essential for individuals, professionals and businesses, and fiscal analysis and planning for any kind of operation is also a must. Property conveyancing terms, the terms and conditions of business contracts, the manner in which the sale and purchase of goods will be handled, or the import and export of products will have different fiscal consequences depending on how the agreements are made or perfected. Knowing in advance the fiscal or tax consequences of any operation for individuals, professionals or corporations is important in order to assess their viability. This planning, in conjunction with well-structured official accounting, will allow capitalising on tax benefits while complying with fiscal and tax obligations accordingly.

  • National and international taxation. Double taxation agreements.
  • Fiscal and tax planning and advisory services for private individuals, professionals and businesses.
  • Corporate income Tax, Personal income tax, Income tax for non-residents.
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax.
  • Transfer tax and stamp duty tax.
  • Capital gain tax and Plusvalía tax.
  • Council tax (IBI).
  • Wealth tax.
  • Monthly and/or Quarterly and Annual obligations. Declaration of assets in foreign countries, VAT, Tax Withholdings, Withholdings on Rent, REDEME (Monthly VAT Refund) and SII (Immediate Information Supply).
  • Import and export planning and taxation. Triangular transactions.
  • Tax planning for inheritances and donations.
  • Official accounting and auditing services.

Civil Law

As specialists in civil law, our lawyers will help with the personal, family and business relations and obligations of citizens in legal affairs, advising them on practically all legal-private relations comprising people’s daily lives through acts, contracts and negotiations.

  • Wills and Inheritances.
    • National and international hereditary succession planning.
    • Betterment, bequests, usufruct and trusts.
    • Executors.
    • Inheritance claims.
  • Living will and advance directives.
  • Contracts and claims for damage compensation and breach of contract. (Service contracts, one-off project leases, sales and purchase…)
  • Extra-contractual liability and compensation through fault or negligence. 
  • User and consumer law and protection.
  • Family Law.
    • Legal separation and divorce.
    • Unmarried couples and common law couples.
    • Incapacity, guardianship and conservatorship.

Labour Law

Through our associate firm specialising in labour affairs, businesses and self-employed workers will find expert, qualified advice to guide them while putting forward solutions to the array of situations that arise on a daily basis related to labour affairs and social security.


Providing the right advice and planning, our goal is to avoid any disagreements or problems, but if they do arise, we try our best to mitigate their effects and reach friendly, out-of-court settlements. However if a court action is necessary our Barristers (lawyers) will defend our client’s rights and interests.

Consultancy and Other Services

We have a highly responsible team of specialist professionals who undergo constant training, preparation and capacity development in order to face the constant evolution of our times and meet the new needs and challenges of our clients. We therefore encourage our clients to enquire about any issue or concern they may have, we will try our very best to offer the best possible solution.

We adapt to our clients

Our ultimate goal is to achieve full client satisfaction thanks to the hard work and support of our team of specialist professionals, in constant training and growth who are able to provide and cover a wide range of services.

We have been adapting to the needs of our English and Spanish speaking national and foreign, resident and non-resident clients for over twenty years.

Our Team and Working Method

Our firm has a multidisciplinary team of professionals and associates, including lawyers, economists, auditors and business management and administration experts, all of whom have wide, well-proven experience.

We carry out our work following a horizontal organisation system, by task assignment, meaning that each and every one of our team members becomes directly involved at the same level in the personalised services provided to our clients, covering all their needs. Team members assigned to a requested service carry out their own specific tasks, but they also have access to the same information and have the necessary knowledge to deal with and resolve any situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, often beyond the strict bounds of their assigned tasks if required. Information and cooperation among our team members flow naturally in the interest of our clients.

Celso Rodríguez-Corral
He graduated in Law from the Santiago de Compostela University and the Maria Cristina El Escorial Royal University College. He then went on to study a Master’s degree in IT and Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he engaged in his training and professional development in the public administration.
He carried out his lawyer practicum at the Legal Practice School of the University of Murcia before joining consolidated law firms, initially working in public administrative and urban law. He then moved on to civil, corporate, commercial and taxation law. During his professional career he has also held posts of responsibility in public law corporations and companies in the private sector, advising them on their activity and operation.
Juan Francisco Orenes
He studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Murcia. He then went on to take a Master’s degree in accounts auditing, and after passing the official examination, he was registered in the Spanish Official Accounts Auditors Register (ROAC). He has worked as a tax and accounting consultant and accounts auditor for consolidated companies before joining our firm as head of the fiscal, tax and accounting department.
Pilar Rubio Martínez
She studied Law at the Complutense University of Madrid and then went on to sit her Master’s degree for the bar society exam at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. She worked as operations and organisation director at a procurators firm in Madrid for several years before joining our firm in Murcia as organisation and operations manager in the area of property law.
Julia Nieto Olivo
She graduated in Law from the UNED University and the Maria Cristina El Escorial Royal University College. She then went on to study a Master’s degree in IT and Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she engaged in her training and professional development in the public administration. She then worked in the private company and business development area, later specialising in property law and horizontal property law.
Denise Birch
Denise has wide experience in posts of responsibility in the private company sector in the UK, as well as experience in legal firms in Spain. She joined our firm as Client Services Manager for our English speaking clients.
Ignacio Garcia Monreal
He studied Law at the University of Murcia and then went on to take a University Master’s degree for his bar examination. He has worked in civil, family, banking and consumer law.
Damián Rodriguez Corral
He graduated in Law from the Santiago de Compostela University and the Maria Cristina de El Escorial Royal University College. He carried out his lawyer practicum at the Legal Practice School of the University of Murcia. He has worked in private companies holding managerial posts, advising on taxation and commercial and business operations.

Our values

Commitment to our clients

We take on our clients’ concerns and make them our own, employing all our knowledge, professionalism and efforts at their service.


In the same way as in team sports, where players share their resources and expertise with the goal of winning a game, all members of our law firm work together sharing their knowledge and expertise aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Personal touch

Working in close proximity with our clients is fundamental for us. Our clients can feel reassured of being guided by a team of professional experts at all times. We take on their concerns and make them our own, working to find the best solution. Their peace of mind is our greatest success.